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Globalization and Development
"Development Management under Globalization"

2nd Semester, 2005-2006

This course deals with the frontier-yet-fundamental issues of ‘Development Management under Globalization (グローバリゼーション下の開発マネジメント)’. The course covers selected topics such as: economic development under the changing environment of globalization (risks and benefits associated with globalization, rise and demise of the East Asian growth model, Africa’s marginalization, convergence club under globalization); international trade and development (inward- vs. outward-oriented development strategies and trade reforms, regionalism vs. multilateralism, WTO and industrial promotion); external financing of development (ODA, FDI and multilateral corporations, portfolio flows, debt & financial crises); managing open-economy development (BOP management, the order of liberalization, exchange rate regimes and monetary policy rules, fiscal sustainability, crisis management); and toward governance and quality of growth under globalization (growth and equity under globalization, localization under globalization).

Reviews of Microeconomics and International Trade/Finance theories will be given in relation to the subjects covered in the course. Consecutive enrollment from Development Economics will be highly effective.

Date of Entry

December 28 Special Lecture on January 10 (10:30 a.m. - 12 noon; #3 Lecture Room, 6th floor):

I will give a special review session on microeconomic principles. In this session, I will cover only those fundamental concepts and theories that you need in order to understand basic international trade theories in development context. Those who do not have formal background in microeconomics should attend. In lectures on January 24 and 31, I presume that students have sufficient knowledge of basic micro principles.

Happy holidy seasons! I will see you on January 10, 2006!

December 28 Lecture Schedule for January-February 2006:

January 10: Special Lecture on Microeconomics Review

January 17: No Lecture

January 24: Understanding Big Picture & International Trade and Development I

January 31: International Trade and Development II

December 13 Presentation Material: Big Picture

Understadning the Big Picture

Download this presentation file to be used in the next lecture (December 20)

October 9 October 25: (10:30 a.m. - 12 noon; #3 Lecture Room, 6th floor)

1) History Lesson

Class Handouts for our History Lessons

Global Economic System 1
Global Economic System 2
Global Economic System 3

Print them, review them, and bring them to the class.

October 9 There will be no lectures on October 18.

You should proceed with your reading assignments.
October 9 October 11: (10:30 a.m. - 12 noon; #3 Lecture Room, 6th floor)

1) Globalization and Developing Countrries -- An Overview
I will give you a brain-storming presentation on the states and issues of Globalization for developing countries.

Handouts are available in 4 forms, so that you could use them according to your needs.
4 slides per page in color
2 slides per page in color
4 slides per page in gray scale
2 slides per page in gray scale
Print at least one version of the above and bring it to the class !

Reading Assignments:

Read ** items in Globalization and Developing Countries--An Overview sections of the readling list in our on-line course syllabus. Papers by Dollar and Krray, and Sacks and Warner will be dealt in the class, later.

October 3, 2005

First class of Globalization and Development (GAD) for 2005-2006 will meet on Tuesday, October 4.

October 4: (10:30 a.m. - 12 noon; #3 Lecture Room, 6th floor)

1) Introduction to GAD (course syllabus, course requirements, etc.)

We may move to a smaller lecture/seminar room, if class size permits, for more class-room discussions.

Regularly pay attention to
1) "Globalization and Development (GAD-I)", our on-line course syllabus,
2) "Exploration of Economics/International Development Resources", our internet resources, and
3) this Bulletin Board.
Course announcements will be made through this GAD BB.

Again, welcome back to GSID !! See you all on Tuesday, October 4 !!

Prof. Otsubo