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New Economic Development Policy & Management (EDP&M) Program will start in April 2018 !!

New EDP&M Program Panel

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Short Profile of Prof. Shigeru T. OTSUBO ... Prof. Otsubo is the only professor at GSID who has abundant experience in macro-level development policy dialogues and (economic) development policy making in Asia and Africa. Prof. Otsubo has worked as a staff economist, consultant and/or an advisor at the international organizations such as the World Bank, United Nations, Economic Commision to Africa, African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, UNDP, etc.; at Japanese institutions such as JBIC, JICA, JICA Research Institute, MoFA, Reseach Institute of Economic Planning Agency. Prof. Otsubo has also engaged himself in development policy dialogue/consulting with governments of China, Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Bhutran and Egyt. With this abundant hands-on experience in development policy analyses and policy making, Otsubo seminar nurtures good common sense development economists who wish to fight against poverty in any corner of the world.

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Mr. Tolkunbek Abdygulov, an Otsubo Seminar alumni member (graduated in Spring 2005), officially assumed his duty as the Governor of the National Bank of the Kyrgiz Republic (Central Bank), in May 2014. He is appoited as Vice Ministger of Kyrgiztan in 2017. Professor Otsubo's former students act as vice ministgers in economic development related ministries of Indonesia. One leads national industrial development in Afghanistan. Alumni members work as government officials, staff at international organizations, professors at universities, and as business persons in MNCs.

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New Book!
Globalizationa and Development:
Vol.I: Leading Issues in Development with Globalization

Vol.II: Country Ecperiences

Vol.III: In Search of A New Development Paradigm

Forthcoming in July-September 2015 from Routledge!
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Book: Introduction to International Develment Studies
is publised! Now in the
3rd print!
2010 Japan Society for International Development (JASID)
Special Award Winner!!
(Award Ceremony)

Book: Development with Globalization
is publised!

New JSPS Science Research Fund (Kiban A International Joint Research)
'Globalization and Development' Research Project (2015-2019) is initiated!!
(Industrial Policies under Globalization -- Creating Surviving Industries in Developing Countries)

JSPS Science Research Funds (Kiban A & Challenging Exploratory Research)
'Globalization and Development' Research Project (2010-2014) is initiated!!
'Development and Happiness' Module (2011-2014) is added!!
(Kiban A is extended to 2014-15)

HEIWA NAKAJIMA Foundation International Joint Research Fund Awarded!! (2014-15)

Otsubo Seminar Alumni Network is Active Now!!

Pls. inform me of your current EM addresses,
so that I can put you on our Alumni Network!!

International Symposium (November 27, 2011) . . GSID_NL
the 22nd JASID National Conference

Prof. Otsubo joined Japan International Cooperation Agency Research Institute (JICA-RI) as a Visting Fellow during January 2012 - March 2013.

Teguh DARTANTO and Shigeru OTSUBO, "Measurements and Determinants of Multifaceted Poverty," Working Paper #54, JICA Research Institute (February 2013).

Teguh DARTANTO and Shigeru OTSUBO, "Intrageneration Poverty Dynamics in Indonesia," Working Paper #117, JICA Research Institute (March 2016).


A paper that analyzes the roles of Development Aid in a Globalized World has been publised from the World Banki2014.8.1).

Yumeka HIRANO and Shigeru OTSUBO, "Aid is Good for the Poor," WPS No.6998, the World Bank (August 2014).

...Making into the Top 10 downloaded policy research working papers (Sept. 2014)!

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Ghana at 50
Economic Development Lecture

in Accra, Ghana
(August 2009)
. ƒC›•D!!
China at 60
Economic Development Lecture

in Beijing-Shanghai, China
(September 2009)
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