GSID Library User's Guide for Visitors

Opening hours Library Calendar
Mon-FriFAM09:30 - PM19:00
Summer Vacation and Spring Vacation: AM09:30 - PM17:00

Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday and Winter Vacation
Irregular closings will be announced through a notice on the bulletin board or through the Library website.

Contact Information
GSID LIbrary (Room 409), Graduate School of International Development
Nagoya University C4-1(700)
Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya-Shi

TEL: 052-789-5064
FAX: 052-789-5067
E-mail: gsid(at)>@

Please apply the counter desk and fill in name.

You don't have to bring letter of introduction.
When you want photocopy and browsing master thesis, please bring ID card (student identification card, licence ... etc.).

Browsing Borrow Photocopy


Please search the states of books by Nagoya University Library OPAC.
When you want use particular material, apply the GSID Library in advance.


We cannot lend to people outside the university.
You may borrow the book via a nearby public library or a university library you belong to, please ask your community library.


We have no coin-operated copy machine.
When you want copy the material, please apply for short time loan for photocopying.
For short time loan for photocopying, fill in the necessary items on the notebook at the Library desk and return when you are finished.
When you want photocopy, please bring ID card (student identification card, licence ... etc.).