How to search journal articles and dissertations
How to search dissertations
Electronic Journals
How to search journal articles
Free search : Inside the Nagoya University only
Fee-based search : You have need of application
Web site : Free search
Newspaper article search/Journal article and book contents search/Area study and history
Development/Pedagogy/International migration and Ethnic problem/ŽΠ‰οŠw
Women's issues/Agriculture/Population etc.

How to search dissertations
How to search dissertations in Japan
œHow to search domestic dissertations
Many universities put dissertation title on the site.
In several sites, You can search dissertation's catalog.
How to search dissertations in Nagoya University
œNagoya University Dissertation Catalog
"Shin-Sei" Dissertations under the new system (1957-)

œNagoya University Library OPAC
"Kyu-sei" Dissertations under the old system (1939-1962)

How to search overseas dissertations
œProQuest Digital Dissertations
The database represents the work of authors from over 1,000 graduate schools and universities.
œWan Fang Data
Coverage: after 1997
œPeriopath: Index to Periodical Literature
Dissertation Database
Coverage: after 1976
œLinguist Dissertation Abstracts
Linguistics Dissertation

How to search journal articles

You can search by title, author, article and more... .
Nagoya University members onlyFFree
You can not use the following service outside Nagoya university.
The following services can be accessed by computer through the campus LAN.
œNagoya University Electronic Journal Database

E-Journal List in Nagoya University

Alphabetical List, Subject Index, Aggregator List and Searching Form is available.


EbscohostE Firstsearch ECOE Science Direct21E JSTORE etc..

Aggregator is deliver access to many publisher's E-Journals.

œNICHIGAI/WEB + MAGAZINEPLUS : Japanese Periodical Index
Please log off after your search.
The access to the database is restricted to four users at a time. (NICHIGAI/WEB 3 users + MAGAZINEPLUS 1 user)
When your logon is not accepted, please try again after some minutes.
Otherwise you can access from CD-ROM corner at the Central Library 2F.

NICHIGAI/WEB is a searchable database of Japanese journal articles.
MAGAZINPLUS includes NICHIGAI/WEB etc. You can search annual reports, academic articles and more.

œWeb of Knowledge
"Web of Science" covers articles published in major academic journals (about 8,000 journals).
In addition to title, author, author's acdemic institution, abstract, and journal of publication, this database contains citing references, cited references, and related references.
When the "VIEW FULL TEXT" button is appeared, you can use full text article.
œOVID online

ERIC(Pedagogy)EPsycINFO(psychology) etc.
You can use 7 databases.

œSource OECD

Now you can use SourceOECD, the online library of the OECD.

The following services can be accessed by each libraries.
œCD-ROMs in Central Library
CD-ROMs List
  • ‘ε‘ξ‘sˆκ•ΆŒΙŽGŽ‹LŽ–υˆψ
    Periodical Index in Oya Souichi Library
    Genaral journals
  • Social Science Citation Index
  • Fulltext of "Nihon-Keizai-Shinbun"
  • Fulltext of "Asahi-Shinbun"
You can use Econlit in GSID Library, 707 computer room and Library, School of Economics.

Econlit the American Economic Association's electronic bibliography of economic literature.

You have to go Libray, School of Law Library.

LEXIS-NEXIS offers products and services for legal, business, academic, and government professionals.

Fee-based search : Please apply at the counter
You can not use the following service outside Nagoya university.
œFirstSearch(WWW) Connect
  • If you want to use FirstSearch, apply at the counter.
    When you take out personal ID, You have to pay search fee.
  • User explanation is here. GSID members only
  • Databases: Index to Legal Periodicals & Books, Arts & Humanities Search etc
    Databases list

    You have to pay search fee.
  • NACSIS IR use public fund only. When you take out personal ID, apply at the counter.
    When graduates students use NACSIS IR, get teacher's approval.
    You can search GSID Library or Central Library.
  • Databases: Dissertation Index, Economic Literature Index and more ...
  • Detailed explanation is NACSIS-IR Database list.

Web site : Free search : Newspaper article search
"Nikkei Shinbun"
"Saga Shinbun"
Since 1994-
œMainichi News Story Search
"Mainichi Shinbun"
latest 2 years
œMainichi Photo Bank: –ˆ“ϊƒtƒHƒgƒoƒ“ƒN
Pre-war news photo and
œAsahi Kiji Database
Institute of Social Science University of Tokyo
About Government, Party Administration (1922.4-1997.9)
œShinbun Kiji Bunko
Kobe University LibraryMeiji - Prewar times
Korean newspapers article search

Web site : Free search : Journal article and book contents search
Contents is free.
œThe Book Contents Database
The Book Contents Database allows you to search for books held in the libraries of the University of Tokyo by looking at their tables of contents or information taken from their summaries and dust jackets.
Information Technology Center, Tokyo University
Abstract and Fulltext search : over 300 English Journals
œIDE JETRO Library Web OPAC
The Web OPAC includes books, Journals, and Journal articles.
Records are update every sunday.
Republic of China
œJournal search
You can search journals caption by Nikkei publisher.
For example "Nikkei Business" etc.
œKPI search
Korean journal article search
This database includes journal articles in 1868-1948.
(Meiji, Taisyo, and early Syowa Era)

Web site : Free search : Area study and History
œBibliography of Asian Studies
referencing western-language monographs, articles and book chapters on all parts of Asia published since 1971, is available via library subscription.
English language journal article database related to African Studies.
œJapan Center for Asian Historical Recolds
the Internet the index and the digital image information of historical records about modern Japan-Asia relations held and made available to the public by Japanese national institutions.

Web site : Free search : Development
œBLDC : Search for Articles
British Library for development studies
œCDR Library Databases
This database includes books and journal ariticles in development.
Centre for Development Research, Copenhagen
œThe gateway to development information œDAC Evaluation Abstract

This website contains a list of evaluation abstracts.
œKIT : Netherlands Royal Tropical Institute
Library Catalogue Search includes articles database.
œDocuments & reports
World Bank makes more than 14,000 documents available to the public in order to better share the institution's knowledge base and to implement the disclosure policy.
œIndustrial Development Abstracts
The Industrial Development Abstracts: IDA is an important source of information on the activities of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization: UNIDO to assist industrialization in developing countries.
œJOLIS Library Catalog
Catalog of the Library network serving the World Bank and IMF.
œHealthlink On-line
Worldwide's bibliographic database, provides unique access to more than 16,000 records of materials focusing on the management and practice of primary health care and disability in developing countries.
œSearch USAID Documentation
The gateway to development information.
œOnline PLA catalogue search
The PLA database contains bibliographic information on more than 2500 documents on Participatory Approaches and includes a full index of the journal PLA Notes.
œBibliography and Index of United Nations Centre for Regional Development Publications
Search the full text of all bibliographic records for journal articles, books, book chapters, working papers, conference papers, etc.

Web site : Free search : Pedagogy
Pedagofy database
Curriculum Research and Development Center Facurity of Education, Gifu University
œChinese ERIC
The C-ERIC collects English and Chinese articles published in 17 leading educational journals in Hong Kong, the Chinese Mainland and Taiwan, dating back to 1990.

Web site : Free search : International migration and Ethnic problem
œBibliography of Korean history in postwar Japan œν‘O“ϊ–{έZ’©‘NlŠΦŒWV•·‹LŽ–ŒŸυ
œEtnic and Migration Studies in Japan
Bibliographical database

Web site : Free search : Women's issues
œWeb OPAC Women's Education Migration Center
Bibliographic databases on women and the family
National Women's Educational Center
œWomen in politics
Database contains bibliographic references on books and articles dealing with women in politics.

Web site : Free search : Agriculture
AFF Research Web Server
œWAICENT Information Finder
FAO's strategic programme on information management and dissemination.
AGRICOLA (AGRICultural OnLine Access) is a bibliographic database of citations to the agricultural literature created by the National Agricultural Library and its cooperators.

Web site : Free search : Population etc.
œPopulation bibliography search
The Population Association in Japan
œAnthropological Index Online
œNational Institute of Population and Social Security Research Library
National Institute of Population and Social Security Research

Electronic journals
Following web sites are offerd by Nagoya University
œFulltext Journals
You can not use the following service outside Nagoya university.
œNagoya University electronic Journal DataBase
You can not use the following service outside Nagoya university.
œOnline journals links in Japan
Nagoya University Library
œList of current journals received in GSID Library
Japanese / Chinese E Foreign
œFulltext bulletin in Japan
Nagoya University Library
œThe Navigator for Digital Library
Library of Informatics and Languages
Following web sites are offerd by Other Universities and Other Organizations
œOnline Journals
Hokkaido University library
Journals Information
Electronic Journals & Newsletters
œScholarly Journals Distributed Via the WWW
Online Media Links
JOLIS Library offers by E-journal Links.

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