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Books published in Japan
National Diet Library
The legal deposit system mandates that copies of all new publications published in Japan must be sent to the National Diet Library.
Libraries Catalogue in Japan

How to search books and journals in other domestic organizations

The Union Catalogue gives you online access to books and periodicals held in other University libraries and research libraries in Japan.
Books or jp
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You can search Japanese books in print.
Japan Book Publishers Association
TRC Book Search
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You can search many Japanese books from 1980.
TRC Library Service
e-hon Book Search
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Books in print by agency company Tohan.

Book Contents Database
The Book Contents Database allows you to search for books held in the libraries of the University of Tokyo by looking at their tables of contents or information taken from their summaries and dust jackets.
Digital Library Division, Information Technology Center, The University of Tokyo
Japanese Classics Basic Database
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Japanese Classics (This database inclused books of Japan by 1867) search. This database out of service now.

Books Published in the world
MXBookFinder connects readers to over 40,000 booksellers from around the world with an open marketplace for all their online book shopping needs.
Academic resources
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This web site tie up with many booksellers.
Libraries Catalogue

How to find books and journals overseas

How to search Chinese books on the WEB
China Academic Library & Information System
Univercity Libraries' union catalog in China
National Bibliographic Information Network
The Union catalog are offered by National Central Library and other Taiwan's Libraries.
Books on China(東方書店)
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There are list of forthcoming books and new books.
China Book Center
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You may are able to search by keyword and category.
China Book Shop(中国書店)
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Chinese books and Journals. You can search by keyword.
Frelax ShuChong(書虫)
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Online Chinese Booksellers. Books, Journals, CD, VCD etc.

Journals on the WEB
PubList is the only Internet-based reference for over 150,000 domestic and international print and electronic publications including magazines, journals, e-journals, newsletters, and monographs.

JOLIS Library offers by E-journal Links.

Ethnic Media Guide
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Ethnic media is media(journals, newspapers etc.) for foreign residents in Japan.
Japanese Magazine
Japan Magazine Publishers Association

Foreign used books on the WEB connects readers to over 40,000 booksellers from around the world with an open marketplace for all their online book shopping needs.
We offer millions of out-of-print, used, foreign language, and collectible books from our worldwide network of booksellers and from our very own shelves.
Adavanced Book Exchange
The Advanced Book Exchange Inc. and its affiliates provide their services to you subject to the following notices, terms and conditions.
Bibliofind has combined with to provide millions of rare, used, and out-of-print books through the world's No.1 online bookstore.
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World's largest network of independent booksellers.

Japanese used books on the WEB
Internet used book sellers(インターネット古書店組合)
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Used book search engine "Super Genji"
Old Book Mark
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You can cross-file searching used booksellers WEB site in Japan.
Used bookssellers in Japan(日本の古本屋)
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Used booksellers Union in Japan
Bunsei Shoin Booksellers

Antiquarian and Old Books Reprints Digital Publisher     

Takahara Shoten(高原書店)
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Book stock reach into the millions.
Book Town Kanda
Guidance of the world's leading Book Town Kanda has 16.500 square meters in area and 3.000.000 items 10.000.000 copies in stock.
Book Off is a recycle shop with our top technology we do our hearfelt best to refresh each book and provide customors around the world (you!) with a low price.

New books on the WEB
New book of this week.
You can find data and information of books newly published this week in Japan.
TRC Library Service
New books(もうすぐ出る本)
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List of recently published books
New books news(地方・小出版新刊ニュース)
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Information of alternative publisher and small-press books.

Government literatures on the WEB
Government Publications search
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Government Publications search(政府文獻資訊網)
National Central Library
Government Publications search(政府刊行物検索)
Sorry Hanguel
Republic of Korea
Electoronic gazette


United States
Canadian Gov. Pub. : CGP

Publishers on the WEB
Publishers in Japan(日本国内の出版社)
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TRC Library service
Publishers' Catalogues

Worldwide publisher's catalog


World Bank's publications


Asian Development Bank's publications

Online booksellers
Book Scramble
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Information of Japanese online booksellers
AcqWeb is a World Wide Web site providing links to information and resources of interest to librarians with acquisitions or collection development responsibilities.
List to Bookshops
This is a list of Links to bookshops visited within the Internet.
Best Buy Book
Best Web Buys provides a fundamentally better way for consumers to shop. is the place to find and discover anything you want to buy online. Japan
Barnes & Noble
Major online bookseller
Major online bookseller
BookWire is the comprehensive online portal into the book industry.
Major online bookseller in German
E-commerce for development
This is a not-for-profit e-commerce site to serve the development community in the Asia and Pacific Regions.
Mezhdunarodnaya Kniga
Russian Booksellers
You can search by Cyrillic alphabet.

DK's Search for Indian Publications

Indian Booksellers
You can search catalogue.
Rubi bookshop
Bangaladesh's online bookshop
Book-Shop will lead you comfortably through the search and ordering procedure entirely on-line.
Kinokuniya has been opening large-scale bookstores, selling publications over the Internet, and building up a peerless network of sales offices serving educational and research institutions and other public organizations.
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Russian books catalogue
Humanities Books
Information of new humanity books
Government Publications
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Online bookseller in Japan
BOOK CLUB Honya-san
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Online bookseller in Japan
Specialized and small-press book

Online book reviews
Book Review Index of Japan
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Homepapge of book review
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Review Japan
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New York Times Books
Foreign book review
Publishers Weekly
The International news source of book publishing and bookselling
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Sorry Japanese
Sankei Web
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The Daily Yomiuri
Ronza Net
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6 major newspapers and some magazine's book review
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Davinchi's book review
Developing World Book Site
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Book reviews of Development studies
Developing World
H-NET Reviews
H-Net Reviews is an online scholarly review journal.

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