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Philosophy and Religion
Philosophy Research Base
Philosophy/Ethics/Religious Studies WWW List in Japan
This page is being prepared by K. Nagasaki
The Unbound Bible
The Unbound Bible is a collection of searchable Bibles.

Convesion of era name
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National Institute of Informatics
Calendar Converter
History Research Online
A collection of resources for graduates, undergraduates, teaching assistants, and other researchers
Internet Resources for the Study of East European History

Association for East European Studies

National Archives of Japan
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Japanese archives
The National Institute of Japanese Literature
History Web site(歴史学関係Webサイト調査)
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Hyper History
HyperHistory is an expanding scientific project presenting 3,000 years of world history with an interactive combination of synchronoptic lifelines, timelines, and maps.

Country and Region
Virtual Library: Regional Studies
Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources
This section of the WWW Virtual Library system presents over 2200 annotated links in a wide range of international affairs topics.
Country Studies: Area Handbook Series
This website contains the on-line versions of books previously published in hard copy by the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress under the Country Studies/Area Handbook Program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Army.
InfoNation is an easy-to-use, two-step database that allows you to view and compare the most up-to-date statistical data for the Member States of the United Nations.
E-Conflict World Encyclopedia
Country information from around the world. A resource for business, tourists, students and teachers.
World Yearbook
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Global Gazetter
This is a directory of 2880532 of the world's cities and towns, sorted by country and linked to a map for each town.
CIA World Fact Book

Basic information by CIA.

World Jump
Contry information by Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Term of "Gaimu-syo"
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Institute of Developing Economy
The World and Japan
The database project "The World and Japan" consists of four under construction databases funded by grants-in-aid from Monbusho-Japan's Ministry of Education, Science, Sports, and Culture.
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Country profile (国際協力事業団国別情報)
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National Geographic Society INCORE Internet Country Guides

Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library Asia Source
Southeast Asia Guide
Center for Southeast Asian Studies : CSEAS
Institute of Southeast Asian Studies : ISEAS The Commonwealth of Learning Document Archive : Southeast Asia Region
Southeast Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library Tamil Nation org

Middle East and Islam
The Center for Middle Eastern Studies Ummah search
Muslims Internet Directory MESA : Middle East Studies of North America
Arab Net Encyclopedia of the Orient

Europe Central Europe Online
Russian and East European Network Center

IZF Net Center for African Area Studies, Kyoto University
African Studies
Columbia University Library
Admi Net Africa
Arab Net Encyclopedia of the Orient

Latin America
Latin American Network Information Center latinworld
Latin American Studies Association : LASA Consortium of Latin American Studies Programs : CLASP

Iranian Cultural & Information Center Isfahan home page
Welcome to Iran MESA : Middle East Studies of North America
Iran Culture & Information Center

Viet Nam
The Viet Nam Navigator from Japan (べとなび)
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Person : General
Biography Center Biological Dictionary
Biographical Directory of the US Congress
World Biographical Index
World Yearbook
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Open Japan-World (や、これは便利だOn-Line)
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Who was who

Person : Researcher
Directory Database of Research and Developing Activities : ReaD service
ReaD aims at offering information centering on research institutions including national institutes.
Researcher DDB
Researcher A-Z list (研究者総覧一覧)
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Person : Others
ACF Asia Who's who
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The Asian Club Foundation
Asian authority list (アジア専門家リスト)
Japan Research Institute
Middle east biographic dictionary (近現代中東人名辞典)
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Labor expert Database (労働問題専門家DB)
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The Funding Center contains all the tools you need to identify these foundations.
Funders Online
The Web Toolkit is being developed exactly with you in mind.
Directory of Development Organizations
Guide to International Organizations, Governments, Private Sector Institutions, Development Agencies, Universities, Research and Training Institutes, NGOs/PDOs, Grantmakers, Banks, Microfinance Institutions and Development Consulting Firms.
WWW dantai net
Information of Organization retrieval system
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Environmental NGO Database (環境NGO総覧オンラインデータベース)
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NGO Arena
NGO's information
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NGO index(NGO情報インデックス)

Sorry! Out of service now.
NGO Organization in Nagoya (名古屋NGOセンター加盟団体紹介)
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Directory of Organizations for Conflict Prevention in Asia and the Pacific
This directory has been a joint effort between the Japan Center for Preventive Diplomacy (JCPD) and the Japan Institute of International Affairs (JIIA).

Social science
SOSIG is a freely available Internet service which aims to provide a trusted source of selected, high quality Internet information for students, academics, researchers and practitioners in the social sciences, business and law.
Social science WEB site search engine (社会科学系ウェブサイト全文検索サーチエンジン)
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Social science : Political Science

Social science : Jurisprudense
Act database (法令データ提供システム)
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Japanese act
Electorical Law Database (日本電脳法律集)
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Faculty of Law/Graduate School of Law Kanazawa University
Aidai Roppou(愛大判例)
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Faculty of Law, Aichi University
Bylaw database in Japan (全国条例データベース)
Department of Law and Policy, Kagoshima University
Aidai Roppou(愛大六法)
Sorry! Japanese
Faculty of Law, Aichi University
Business six major laws (gooビジネス六法)
Sorry! Japanese (法庫)
Sorry! Japanese
Souces of Law

Social science : Economics
The largest bibliographic database dedicated to Economics and available on the Internet.
Keyword of Economics(アサヒ・コム経済キーワード)
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Sorry! Japanese

Social science : Statistics
United Nations Databases
United Nations
Source OECD
UNESCO Database
Statistical Resources on the Web
University of Michigan Documents Center
Statistics Breau & Statistice Center
Links to Statistical Agencies
Statistics Breau & Statistice Center
Other Statistisl Sites
Bureau of Labour Statistics

Social science : Sociology
Bibliography of Japanese Sociology
The Japan Sociological Society
SSJ Data Archive
Information Center for Social Science Research on Japan Institute of Social Science University of Tokyo
HRAF : Human Relations Area Files
Human Relations Area Files is an internationally recognized organization in the field of cultural anthropology.
SIRS Web GUIDE: Social Issue
Links of Social Issue
Socio Site
Social Science Information System based at the University of Amsterdam
The Socio Web
Sociological resources on the Internet
Sociology Internet Resource
Western Connecticut State University
Sociology Web Hawg Internet Links
University of Wisconsin Colleges
Sociological Tour Through Cyberspace Women's Human Rights Resources
The Web Site is to provide reliable and diverse information on international women's human rights via the Internet.
WSSLINKS Women and Gender Studies Web Sites
The links is to provide access to a wide range of resources in support of Women's Studies.

Social Science : Pedagogy
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Curriculum Research & Development Center Faculty of Education Gifu University
ERIC online CD Server
You can not use the following service outside Nagoya university.
ERIC Database Chinese ERIC
China and Taiwan
National Institute for Educational Policy Research Library
Sorry! Japanese
The Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Urawa
Tosho Bunko (東書文庫)
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School textbook in Japan

Technology and Industry
ASCII computer term dictionary (アスキーデジタル用語辞典)
NIKKEI Net Information Technoligy term dictionary (NIKKEIネットIT用語集)
United States Patent and Trademark Office
Industrial Property Digital Library
J-STORE (研究成果総合展開データベース)
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Patent etc.
Measurements Converter
Health Scramble
Sorry! Japanese
Health care, Medicine etc.
CICC Singapole Web
Information Technology situation in Asia
Earth Science and Technology Directory Information System

BLDS Database Search
British Library for Development Studies

BUBL Links
Catalogue of Internet Resources : Development Studies
Developing World
Development Gateway
The Development Gateway is a portal website on development issues, from which users can access information, resources, and tools, and into which they can contribute their own knowledge and experience.
German Appropriate Technology Exchange
GATE is a working unit of the GTZ.
Global System for Sustainable Development
GSSD is an adaptive and evolving global knowledge system dedicated to sustainable development based on distributed networking principles and practices.
Hunger Web
The aim of this site is to help prevent and eradicate hunger by facilitating the free exchange of ideas and information regarding the causes of, and solutions to, hunger.
Information service@IDS
Internet for Development
A free "teach yourself" tutorial on Internet information skills for development.
Internet Resource Guide
This Internet Resource Guide includes sites from the World Wide Web which pertain to the field of WID.
International Research Development Center : IDRC
The IDRC is a public corporation created in 1970 to help developing countries find long-term solutions to the social, economic, and environmental problems they face.
National Strategies for Sustainable Development
This web site provides tools to assist in promoting dialogues on national strategies for sustainable development and providing necessary background information and reference material in support of these dialogues.
OneWorld is a values-based network.
SD Gateway
The SD Gateway integrates the on-line information developed by members of the Sustainable Development Communications Network.
USAID Development Links
This page lists sites of interest to people and organizations involved in these efforts.
Virtual Library: International Development
World Food Programme
WFP is the United Nations frontline agency in the fight against global hunger.
World Bank Poverty Net
Poverty Net is a World Bank web site developed to provide resources for people and organizations working to understand and alleviate poverty.
World Bank Development Data
We must look at a range of indicators - of people's income, the food they can afford, their human and physical capital, and a host of other things.
The World Bank
Institute of Participatory Development (IPD)
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aff. research web server



Centre of Information Management for International Agricultural Research

The Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) is an association of public and private members supporting a system of 16 Future Harvest Centers that work in more than 100 countries to mobilize cutting-edge science to reduce hunger and poverty, improve human nutrition and health, and protect the environment.
FAOSTAT is an on-line and multilingual databases currently containing over 1 million time-series records covering international statistics.
WAICENT Information Finder

FAO's digital Resource Center


The Fine Art Search Engine.

IMDb Internet Movie Database
The IMDb was started in 1990 on the rec.arts.movies newsgroup by a group of movie fans.
Lyrics World
This site helps everyone find the lyrics they need by scouring the 'net for lyrics sites.
Movie review Query Engine

Language : Linguistics
Ethnologue is a place where you can conveniently find many resources to help you with your research of the world's languages.
Linguistics and Language-Related Web Sites in Japan

GOTOO Hitoshi

Language : Dictionary
Onelook Dictionaries

There are a number of good dictionaries on the Internet.

Online Dictionaries provides the most comprehensive and authoritative portal for language and language-related products and services on the web with more than 1800 dictionaries with more than 250 languages.

Language : Japanese Dictionary
Thesaurus Dictionary (シソーラス辞書検索)
Sorry! Japanese
Dai Jirin (大辞林)
Sorry! Japanese

Language : English Dictionary
The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language English-Japanese Dictionary for English Speaking People
Cambridge Dictionaries of English On-Line English Grammer
Roget's Thesaurus

English : Multilanguage Dictionary
Eijirou (英辞郎)
English/Japanese, Japanese/English
English/Japanese Corpus Database (英和訳語用例データベース)
Babylon offers dictionaries in 13 languages, professional glossaries from commercial companies and premium content providers.
Dictionary, Thesaurus, Translate Web page etc.

Language : Others
Internet Resources for Translate (翻訳のためのインターネットリソース集) Acronym Finder
The Acronym Finder is a world wide web (WWW) searchable database of more than 227,000 abbreviations and acronyms about computers, technology, telecommunications, and military acronyms and abbreviations.
The Alternative Dictionaries
The Alternative Dictionaries is a web service where you may read and input words that are not normally included in dictionaries. contains more than 2,500 Western signs, arranged into 54 groups according to their graphic characteristics.
Technical Writing world
Sorry! Japanese
English writing

American Verse Project
The project is assembling an electronic archive of volumes of American poetry prior to 1920.
Concordances of Great Books
Literary Calender
Origin of Phrases
Phrase Finder
A professional writers' resource for generating ideas for headlines, advertising copy, song lyrics etc.
Quotations Page
This page was originally developed as a catalog of Quotation resources on the Internet.

Encyclopedia etc.
Concise Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 3rd Ed
Encyclopaedia Britannica
The Directory of Scholarly Professional E-Conferences H-Net Academic Announcements
H-Net creates and coordinates Internet networks with the common objective of advancing teaching and research in the arts, humanities, and social sciences.
Directory of Research Activities and Resources
NII collects information related to research activities and resources and makes it widely available through the Directory of Research Activities and Resources. is the online resource for study abroad information.

Mailing List : General
Email Discussion Groups/Lists and Resources
Mailing Lists in Japan
Sorry! Japanese
Academic Mailinglists in Japan (学術人文系日本語メーリング・リスト案内)
Sorry! Japanese
H-Net Discussion Network
H-Net's e-mail lists function as electronic networks, linking professors, teachers and students in an egalitarian exchange of ideas and materials.

Mailing List : Development studies
Developing World Mailing List Society of Researchers for International Development Mailing List
Sorry! Japanese
Index of online discussions on development issues
World Bank
Development Forum
World Bank
Communications for Sustainable Future

Mail Magazine : Development studies
JICA Mail Magazine
Sorry! Japanese
「NPO/NGO Walker」
Sorry! Japanese
Catalyst:Third World Aid Mail Magazine
Sorry! Japanese
FASID Mail Delivery
Sorry! Japanese
Developing World mail Magazine Ethnic and Migration Studies in Japan Mailing Magazine
ODA Net Mail Services
Sorry! Japanese
List of MLs related to sustainable development compiled by IISD.

How to search other Organizations:List of Search engine
goo google
Lycos infoseek Japan
Yahoo! JAPAN Search Engines Worldwide
Search Engines Worldwide is a collection of search engines sorted by the country as well as the region.
Effective Searching
Main Portals
Guide to the main Internet portals by subject & by countries.
The Internet's first find engine.

How to search other Organizations:List of Resource guide
Index Resource on Internet
University of Tokyo Library System
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Resource list with comment
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Catalog, Database etc.
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Fulltext search
Librarians' Resource Centre
This is a selective collection of resources compiled to facilitate our informational research and retrieval.
the Internet Public Library
Resource list with comment
direct search
direct search is a growing compilation of links to the search interfaces of resources that contain data not easily or entirely searchable/accessible from general search tools like Alta Vista, Google, or Hotbot.
Internet Library for Librarians
The Most Popular Information Resource Site for Librarians Since 1994
Literary Database Compendium Links to Free Searchable Databases
This site is offerd by Jissen Women's University Library.

opac EJ NetLibrary GSID Web of Knowledge GeNii Oxford Referece Online
nii ndl PQDT LexisNexis Academic Econlit OECD HP