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Nagoya University Handbook for International Students
Education Center for International Students (ECIS), Nagoya University has published Nagoya University Handbook for International Students which provides useful information for study life at Nagoya University.
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Handbook for International Students

Things to do upon your arrival to Japan

  • Housing procedures
  • Alien registration (Ward Office)
  • National Health Insurance registration (Ward Office)
  • Opening a bank account
  • School registration procedures, tuition fee payment, etc.
  • University-wide orientation program organized by Education Center for International Students (ECIS)…April/October
  • Nagoya University dormitory orientation program organized by Nagoya University International Student Housing…April/October
  • Orientation program organized by GSID

Employment Opportunities after Graduation
Some international students wish to work in Japan upon their completion of study. GSID International Student Services gives them full support and organizes Employment Guidance for international students.
Career Counseling Section, Center for Student Counseling, Nagoya University also provides career counseling and consultation and offers job-hunting information. Seminars on job hunting are organized regularly.
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Other information on job opportunities (Japanese version only), please refer to
A Guide to Employment for Foreign Student

Things to do before leaving Japan
At University

  • Complete departure procedures at the office of your school by the specified date.
  • Obtain items such as your official academic transcript, course completion certificate, university diploma, etc.
  • Meet with your academic advisor and inform him/ her of your departure plans and your contact address in your home country.
  • Inform the international student advisor at your school of your departure plans and your contact address in your home country.
  • Return your Co-op membership card and collect your deposit money.
  • Obtain information on GSID and the Nagoya University alumni associations.
Housing Procedures
  • Inform your housing manager/landlord of your moving date. (About one month’s notice for private accommodation, and at least two week’s notice for university housing.) Pay any outstanding rent, gas, electricity and water bills.
  • Clean your living quarters thoroughly and remember to take out your garbage and put it in the specified area. Large waste and recyclable refuse should be disposed of correctly.
At Ward Office
  • Cancel your national health insurance membership, return the membership certificate and settle your accounts at your ward office several days before your departure.
  • Close your bank/postal savings account if you are no longer using it to make payments or to receive income.
  • Call telephone rental services such as NTT and KDD to cancel your contracts.
  • Make sure that you have returned all loans, borrowed items, library books, etc.
  • Express your appreciation to those people who assisted in making your stay in Japan a more pleasant one (home-stay family, etc.). If you are too busy, be sure to call them.
  • Keep your alien registration certificate with your passport. You will be asked to return it at the point of your departure.