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Message from Students and Graduates - DICOS Japanese
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Message from Students Graduates

HOMAAM, Khalilullah (DICOS Master Course)

My undergraduate degree in management sciences had made me a "one-dimensional man" who saw every problem from the lens of that single discipline. But after joining GSID I realized the importance of multidimensionality in tackling real world problems. I believe one-dimensional disciplines have created most of today's issues, and we need to step up to multidimensional disciplines in order to solve our current problems.
GSID is an interdisciplinary school, which truly empower students to explore various aspects of both development theories and practices. During my first year at GSID I attended lots of interesting subjects in various indispensible fields like governance and law, social development, rural and regional development and peace building. GSID offers more than a dozen of diverse range of programs, which makes the school a perfect place for knowledge adventure. Moreover I also found GSID a perfect place for nurturing independent thinking and finding pragmatic solutions to our own curiosities.
It is not only academia that makes GSID a remarkable place; it is also a strong and diverse community. At this single building east meet west and together mingle with other rare corners of our vast global village. Student lounges are the perfect spots for understanding various cultures, traditions and personal experiences through very friendly chitchats.
Lastly living in information age also requires us to process gigantic bits of data for finding specific useful information especially when we are bombarded with junk information from everywhere. I am happy that finding exact information is quite easy through GSID's online and offline professional libraries. If I may describe the whole experience in three words I would only say: GSID is Awesome!

Ayano, NAKAZAWA (DICOS Master Course)

I think that it is very important to see things from many points of view, so I was very interested in being an intern to see the field of international development from inside an international organization.
It was a very interesting and thought-provoking internship for me. While I was there, the India office faced hard times because some projects were stopped and a scheduled workshop which was organized by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) got cancelled. It might seem like it is easy for international organization to smoothly launch new projects because of their size and high recognition. However, having good relationships with government and ministries is their lifeline, and the India office had difficulty with that.
In addition, I could have very precious and meaningful experiences which I could not have had if I was not an intern. The experience broadened my perspectives about international cooperation and made my career goals clear. I would like to thank all of the staff in the IOM India office for giving me such a wonderful opportunity.

Chandran Shamini (DICOS Master Course)

Greetings! I have never experienced this kind of interesting global environment. Since my childhood, I have been impressed about Japan, and when I discovered I had the chance to experience my study abroad year in Japan, I became determined to use it well. I arrived in Japan in April 2009 as an ADB scholar to do my Master's degree and enrolled in GSID, Nagoya University. I had already earned my B.A (Bachelor of Arts) in University of Colombo, Sri Lanka and was working as an Assistant Lecturer in the same University, but I wanted to study abroad so that I could do more research.
This completely new environment during these two years in my life time, I gained more fruitful experiences as lessons to adopt for my betterment of life for future. GSID's academic structure is very interesting, which allows students to learn a variety of subjects and equip themselves with interdisciplinary knowledge and also gave opportunity to learn Japanese language and culture as well.
Academically, culturally and personally I can state that coming to GSID has become one of the best experiences of my life and I would like to recommend coming to GSID as a foreign student to my juniors in Sri Lanka. I love my country very much. I strongly hope to contribute to my country as a peacebuilding activist on the basis of my study here in GSID.

Puji Basuki (DICOS Master Course)

I once consider studying development for the sake of my country, Indonesia, to implement the knowledge I attain for the Ministry I work for, and to help other developing nations.
Poverty, democracy, social change, environmental degradation, and post-conflict resolution, those are few among many keywords which we'll keep hearing throughout our study in GSID. We might never truly get to their essences, as it encompasses many meanings for different people with diverse background. But one thing GSID has taught me is how we, as individuals, could map out those differences and put it in our own perspective. In other words, GSID focus on building up our human resource capacity.
So never hesitate to express all your thoughts here, since all Professors and Lecturers encourage us to come up with clear logics and small breakthroughs. The fieldworks GSID offers, whether in Japan or in developing countries can also be a small laboratory to experience clash of ideas as well as collective efforts among multinationals, all aimed to solve common problems.
So now I realized. As the world keeps changing at an unprecedented pace, GSID is only one stepping stone among many we will experience, but one that opens a path towards a brighter future. I am certain that GSID has given me the proper savings I need in order to become a good public servant.

Abdul Nasir Dotani (DICOS Master Course)

I came to Japan in March 2009, when my government and JICA selected me for a Long term training Program (M.A) that I had never thought of that earlier to visit Japan in connection with my study. In the outset the home sickness and cultural shock, especially selected food eating, turned to be a stumbling block in my stay in Japan, but soon I realized that the JICA and University staff have already addressed these issues by providing Halal food and by having a networking of various social activities in and around the University. My entry in GSID resolved social, economical, technological and educational development when I came across my brilliant and competent professors and when I went through and also practically experienced the educational system of Japan and realized that in fact educational system is the foundation of its development and progress. As GSID is a bouquet of flowers from many countries of the world similarly the subjects taught here touches upon many contemporary issues confronted by the world in general and the third world in Particular. GSID trains the young future scholars, professionals and future leaders in line with dealing with various contemporary issues. My country (Pakistan) is confronting terrorism and violence for a long time. Hence I did my major in Peace building. Being Police officer, Civil Judge and Judicial Magistrate and presently in the capacity of Assistant Commissioner I had the practical experience how to deal with the cases of terrorism and violence, but GSID provided me with the theoretical experience of not only dealing these issues but also gave insight that how to rebuild and reconstruct the war torn societies by institutional building. Hence GSID abridged that gap. Being professional carrier officer as an Assistant Commissioner, I would utilize my energies, expertise and know-how in making my country a place of peace, tranquility, progress and development and will also endeavor to join U.N and become a dynamic person to contribute with others to make this planet a place free from conflicts, violence, terrorism, hatred on the basis of language, culture, creeds and skin.

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