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Message from Students and Graduates - DID (2010) Japanese
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Message from Graduates

Eric Osei-Assibey (DID Doctoral Program)

Hello!!!! I arrived in Japan a little over three years ago and I am already into the third year of my Ph.D. program. I have about one more year to complete, but I have begun missing Japan already, in particular within the confines of GSID. When I first arrived in Nagoya, I thought I wasn't going to survive, judging from the fact that I could hardly even utter a single greeting in Japanese language and the chilly weather that greeted me at the Airport. But thanks to the warm embracing arms of Japanese people and the amazing friendly environment that GSID offers, I have come this far. GSID, for me represents "a Global Village" on the surface of the Earth. It does not only offer excellent teaching and learning environment, but also the diverse and multicultural backgrounds of its students coming from all part of the globe , makes it one stop place for 'internationalization' of varying ideas and building a global network of friends. Besides, the Professors here are simply incredible and more supportive of students in their fi eldwork than you can ever imagine anywhere. For my Ph.D, I am working on a broader issue of how to build fi nancial inclusion as a tool for poverty reduction from the perspectives of both providers and microloan borrowers in Ghana and thus require a fi eld survey. But, folks, I have so far received tremendous support from my professors to the extent that just last summer two of the senior professors of the school were with me in my country for the fi eldwork. This invaluable gesture does not only rest with me, but most students here, I believe, will testify to this even if it has come to them in different forms. If your desire is not only about becoming abreast with contemporary development theories, but also with practical field research experience that cuts across boundaries, then GSID is the school for you.

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