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Message from Students and Graduates - DICOS (2010) Japanese
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Message from Graduates

Maharani Hapsari (DICOS Doctoral Program )

I have been interested in environmental issues since my undergraduate studies and GSID offers a unique atmosphere to develop my expertise as a specialist while at the same time to locate my fi eld of interest within the broad spheres of development issues. I have learned that it is all about making clear the connecting points to the existing research and to develop them further.
The nature of independent study in the program has encouraged me to be responsible for developing my research plan, setting up my goals, and achieving it within the time frame. Two years, however, is never enough to answer all the burning questions because the connections between environmental issues and poverty are very complex.
Bringing strong work ethics and being aware of biases as a result of different backgrounds and social roles are very important when conducting research and working with people. Also, while focusing on academic goals, I found that being familiar with Japanese culture; enjoying beautiful natural scenery; and building networks with people can be very advantageous in supporting the learning process. The experiences during the study in GSID have given me stronger foundation to support my future role as an academia upon my returning home.

Xiaoming Pan (DICOS Doctoral Program )

In April of 2007, a season of cherry blossom season, I joined the GSID with feelings of great excitements and hope as well as some uncertainty. I did not then realize that GSID had started to transform me from the moment that I became part of it. Three years later, when seeing the cherry blossom dancing in the breeze once again, I came to understand what GSID meant to me. It is GSID that has enabled me to approach the essence of international development through the vivid and insightful lectures of professors as well as the challenging and interesting practice of fieldwork. It is GSID that has encouraged and stimulated me to go beyond just "knowing" and instilled a desire for exploration. The words of my professor when I was concerned that some ideas in my master's thesis were a little aggressive are etched in my mind: "Aggressive ideas may extend the boundaries of people's imagination." It is also GSID that brought together from various countries many passionate, talented and diligent young people. Thanks to their friendship, there are many sparkles in the sky of my memories.
Welcome to join GSID! I wish all of you may enjoy the life in GSID.

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