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Message from Students and Graduates - DID (2009) Japanese
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Message from Graduates

Essam Yassin (Ph.D. in International Development 1st Year Student) , Eritrea

While in the process of following my feet, which brought me right in front of the Graduate School of International Development, I had immediately decided to join this school. Fortunately, it is not only about the well built structure which creates a very conducive environment for students, but also the courses that are offered at this graduate school are very engaging and the professors are very keen to involve students in the class discussions. In addition, the professors are so determined to focus on developing countries case, which makes the courses and discussions very relevant and very up to date.

Moreover, having participated in both overseas field work and domestic field work with students from different walks of life and different places of origin have enabled me gain priceless experience.

After all, the good friendship that we create among ourselves, no matter of differences in race, faith or way of thinking, makes our stay at the graduate school both enjoyable and memorable.

If one wants to pursue his/her career in the field of development, I strongly recommend him/her to start it here. I assure you that you will do courses channeled to what you want to do in the future.

Jia LI (Ph.D. in International Development, 2008), China

Looking back my five years in GSID (April 2003-March 2008), it is no overstatement to say that GSID has broadened my horizon to see and to understand the world where we are living in. Certainly, the theories and analytical skills learnt in GSID are indispensable for pursuing my professional career in the future. More importantly, GSID provided me opportunity to catch a glimpse of the world by sharing experiences with the people from every corner of the world. These are the two reasons which make GSID the right choice for anybody who aims to excel as a researcher or policy maker in the development field.

To be honest, when I applied for GSID, I was not so sure about my future plan. I was simply looking for a place to develop my ability of independent thinking and test my potential. GSID exceeded my expectations. The interdisciplinary and flexible curriculum in GSID provided me opportunity to start from the general topics and then proceed to the specific area of my interest. In addition to the theoretical expertise, the professors in GSID also offered ample opportunities to improve my practical expertise including presentation skills and the usage of various statistical software packages. Furthermore, GSID provided a highly internationalized environment in one building. The students in GSID come from various countries, cultures, religions and backgrounds. They have very different perceptions and experiences of the development issues. By studying with these fellow students, I found that the theories in the textbooks were not dull any more, and my thinking became comprehensive.

In short, GSID helped me cultivate both intellectual confidence and sympathy toward the whole developing world. GSID changed my life, and so will yours!

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