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Message from Students and Graduates - DICOS (2009) Japanese
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Message from Students and Graduates

Vu Nhu Thang (Ph.D. in International Cooperation Studies, 2008)

Whether it has been just a month, for me now, or years, for my future, since I left the egg-skin white building of GSID, Iím sure memories remain. Some good, some not so good, but all are a part of my life.
A Ph.D. degree, for my 60s-year-old parents, is a "self-made" success story of their great beloved son but everyone knows well that to achieve such a goal, you need not only efforts of yourselves, but support, encouragement, facilities and even good mood.

4 years staying overseas is not short in a manís life, but GSID has been inspiring my long days and nights by the valuable lessons from the professors and tutors, and discussions with my international friends in the seminars, labs and even in the common room. The great libraries of GSID, Nagoya University and online database have enriched me with knowledge and know-how. The convenient stores and Tachiya around Showa-ku have pleased my stomach with healthy and green Japanese recipes and riding up hills on bicycle everyday has built up my muscles to a manly figure. Cherry blossom in spring and autumnís red leaves seasons have taken away parts of nostalgia.

Yet, stress and fatigue are also parts of the memories. Sitting the whole day in lab 309, struggling with Japanese kanji, waiting for the professorsí feedback, getting sometimes upset with comments of referees, being very homesick in a cold and stormy weekend, and even shaking with fear of earthquake. But I am sure we have all experienced these feelings and emotions.

So, enjoy and value at maximum every moment of your life and study in GSID and Nagoya as the memories of it will always be with you throughout the life. And, letís keep in touch!

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