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Special News
  Doctoral Program Application Guidebook for the Academic Year 2015 (April Enrollment) is uploaded.
  The Academic Year 2014 (October Enrollment) Special Admission for the Transnational Doctoral Programs for Leading Professionals in Asian Countries. (Second Call for Application)
  Master's Program Application Guidebook for the Academic Year 2015 is uploaded (Secondary Application for DICOM, Filing Period: January 5 - 9, 2015)
  Nagoya University's Proposal titled "Women's Leaders Program to Promote the Well-being in Asia" was accepted by the Ministry of Education/ the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) for their support under the Program for Leading Graduate Schools.
  Nagoya University's proposal for FY2012 Re-Inventing Japan Project (Support for the Formation of Collaborative Programs with ASEAN Universities) was adopted by JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science).
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What's New
  Assistant Professor (Jokyo) in charge of the computer network and academic journal
  Professor MAYAMA Akira, Osaka School of International Public Policy, Osaka University
Topic: Amendment of the ICC Statute at Campala: Introduction of the Crime of Aggression and Addition of a Provision on Punishment of War Crimes.
Date: 13:30-1530, Saturday, 7th March, 2015
Place: Auditorium, 8th floor, GSID
Language: Japanese
  International Symposium: Critical Perspectives on Education and Skills in the Emerging Post-2015 Development Agenda, Date 26 January 2015
  "Well-being Internship Seminar: Internship and Career Development" Jan 21 (Wed), 16:30-18:00, Auditorium, 8th floor, GSID [Poster]
  Special Lecture: ODA and International Organizations by Mr. Koichi Hasegawa, Director-General, Tokai Local Finance Bureau, Ministry of Finance
  International Symposium: Legal Disciplines over State-owned Enterprises in Asian Countries by Competition Law and International Economic Law (Date:9am to 5pm, Fri. Jan 16, 2015, Venue: Auditorium, GSID 8th floor, Language: English)
  Development of International Cooperation in Education in Japan by Dr. Yasuo Saito Date 11 December, 2014
  Preventing Natural Resource Curse - Challenges of resource-dependent developing economies - by Dr. Kazue Demachi Date 8 December, 2014
  2-Day Open Seminar: Development of National Education System and EFA in Japan by Dr. Yasuo Saito Date 6 and 7 November, 2014
  Well-being Special Joint Seminar: Special Discussion with Ms. Shabana Basij-Rasikh, renowned educator from Afghanistan, invited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan Date 10 November, 2014
  (Date/Time Changed) Special Lecture "Flying Geese Paradigm : A Critical thought toward its application to East Asia". Date: 1pm-3pm, Wed, October. 22, 2014. Mr.Shigehisa Kasahara, Former Economic Affairs Officer, UNCTAD; Resident Researcher, International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), The Hagues.
  International Symposium "Opening and Closing Doors: East Asian Immigration, Policies and Borders" (November 22 (Saturday), 2014 10:00-18:00, Nagoya University, Graduate School of International Development, Multi-Purpose Auditorium)
  UN Day at Nagoya University "Achieving Well-being for All beyond 2015", October 21 (Tue), 2014, 13:00-17:05, ES Hall, E&S Building [Website] [Poster] [Program]
  GSID Alumni Office has sent post cards to contact our alumni whose e-mail addresses are not available. We are looking forward to hearing from you.
  Call for Applications for An Intern Position at JICA Cambodia Office [2014 Fall] (for Japanese and Cambodian students only; 3-6 months)
[Application Guideline (English)] [Well-being HP]
  "Aid is Good for the Poor." Research results at the GSID about the roles of Development Aid in Globalization are published from the World Bank. Yumeka HIRANO and Shigeru OTSUBO, "Aid is Good for the Poor," WPS6998, the World Bank.
  GSID Seminar on Development Finance: on Understanding Islamic Microfinance: Concept, Motive & Impact by Dr. Farkhanda Shamim
  Open Seminar: Global Citizenship and National History Textbooks by Prof. James H. Williams Date 24 July, 2014
  [Deadline extended to August 8 (Fri)!] Call for Applications for An Intern Position at JICA Cambodia Office [2014 Fall] (for Japanese and Cambodian students only)
[Application Guideline (English)] [Well-being HP]
  Open Seminar: Talent Abounds: A Comparative Study of Master Teachers and Peak Performers by Prof. Robert F. Arnove Date 17 July, 2014
  Well-being Special Joint Seminar: "Developing the Next Generation of Women Researchers and Leaders" by Dr. Maresi Nerad (July 1, 2014 (Tue) 2:45-4:15PM, GSID Meeting Room 1) [Poster]
  Mr. Tolkunbek Abdygulov, graduated in Spring 2005 from Prof. Otsubo's Seminar in Economic Development Policy & Management Program, officially assumed his duty as the Chairman/Governor of the National Bank of the Kyrgiz Republic (Central Bank) in May 2014. Mr. Tolkunbek Abdygulov obtained his MA in International Development (Major: Economic Development) on the Asian Development Bank's Scholarship (ADB-JSP).
  Well-being in Asia Special Seminar: Title: "People Centered Business as an Innovative Solution to Social Problems" (Ms. Tri Mumpuni, May 30, 2014 (FRI) 16:30 - 18:00, 8th Floor, Multi-Purpose Auditorium GSID) [Flyer]
  Internship Opportunities at JICA Cambodia Office (for Japanese and Cambodian students only) [Application Guidelines] [Application Form] [Essay]
  GSID Campus ASEAN Program 2014 Long-term Study is now open for application.
  Open Seminar: The Recent Development of UN Functions to Maintain International Peace and Their Effective Implementation, by Professor SAKAI Hironobu (13:30-15:30, Monday, 17 March, Auditorium, 8th floor of GSID, in Japanese)
  The 1st Re-Inventing Japan Project: Campus ASEAN Students' Forum: "Bridging the Future of ASEAN Region and Japan" (March 13, 2014 (Thu)13:30-17:30, at Multi-purpose Auditorium, GSID 8th Fl [Poster]
  Well-being in Asia Special Seminar: 1) "Human Rights for Better Well-being in ASEAN" by Dr. Chet Chealy, Rector, Royal University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia (GSID Ph.D. 2002); 2) "Roadmap for Cambodian Higher Educational Development: Current Issues and Future Prospects" by Dr. Nith Bunlay, Deputy Director General, Directorate General of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, Cambodia (March 4, 2014 (Tue.) 14:00 - 17:30; at GSID, 8th Fl., Multi-Purpose Auditorium) [Flyer]
  Special Lecture on Education in Thailand: "On-going Reform of Basic Education Curriculum in Thailand" (Dr. Chantana CHANBANCHONG, Naresuan University, Thailand; Feb. 19 (Wed) 16:30-18:00, Third Lecture Room (Room 613), GSID) [Flyer]
  "Well-being" Special Career Guidance Seminar: "Career Planning and Strategies to Work for the UN and Other International Organizations" by Ms. Mieko Tarui, Former Deputy Director, Division of Human Resources, UNICEF HQs (February 26, 2014 (Wed.) 10:00 am - 12:00, at Multi-purpose Auditorium, GSID, 8th Fl. [Flyer]
  The 1st "Well-being Program" FD Seminar (For faculty members): "Developing the Next-Generation of Women Leaders in International Development Organizations: Critical Roles of Nagoya University" by Ms. Mieko Tarui, Former Deputy Director, Division of Human Resources, UNICEF HQs/ International HRM Consultant (February 25, 2014 (Tuesday) 2:00 pm - 4:00, 1st Conference Room, GSID 8th Fl.
  International Symposium: Regionalization of Education?: The Implications of the 2015 ASEAN Integration (22 Feb. 2014 (Sat) 13:00-18:00, Noyori Conference Hall, Nagoya University)
  International Symposium: "What Can the 2015 ASEAN Integration Bring to the Well-being of ASEAN People?" (Dr. Surin Pitsuwan, Former ASEAN Secretary-General, and experts from 10 ASEAN countries; Feb. 21 (Fri) 13:00-18:00, Noyori Conference Hall, Nagoya University.)[Flyer] [Program]
  GSID Special Lecture, 7 February: Reform of State-Owned Enterprises in Vietnam and Related Issues in the TPP Negotiation, by Dr. Le Thi Anh Nguyet
  2014 SSK-GSID International Workshop: Varieties of Partnership in Development Cooperation: institutions, actors, and process, Date 10 February 2014
  Open Seminar: Trends in the 4th and 8th Grade Ethiopian National Learning Assessment, by Prof. Desalegn Chalchisa Jebena Date 23 January, 2014

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