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ASAKAWA, Akihiro Japanese
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ASAKAWA, Akihiro

Title: Assistant Professor (International Student Advisor)
Degree: Ph.D

E-mail: :

Academic Background
Graduate School of Letters, Osaka University(2004)

Areas of Specialization
Immigration Policy Development
Australian Politics and Society

Research Topics
International Migration and Development
Current Immigration Policy in Australia
Immigration Policy in Japan and Population Decrease
Australian Politics

Academic Associations
Australian Studies Association of Japan
Japanese Association for Migration Studies
Japan Association of International Relations

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2006 Fabrication of Discourse on Korean Residents in Japan, published from
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2006 "Getting into the Mainstream: Political Participation by Asian Migrant Professionals in Australia", Yuka Ishii (ed.), The Survival Strategies and Networks of Migrant Professionals in the Asian Pacific, Research Report for 2004-2005 Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(B), pp.45-71
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2002 "Nationality Problem of Former Colonized People in Post-war Japan and Amendment of Nationality Law", Nihongakuho, No.21, pp.1-19 (Japanese)
2001 "Australian Citizenship: Its Change of Law As a Country of Immigration", Globalization and Democracy (Annals of Foreign Studies, Vol.50, pp.95-112, 2001 (Japanese)
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