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Japan's development experience

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Nishikawa Yoshiaki & Nishikawa (Yukiko)

Course Description

It is important to learn Japan’s development experiences in a graduate school of development studies in Japan. This course examines the development and modernization process of Japan from various perspectives, including both the positive and the negative. Lecturers of different disciplines deal with issues such as economic development, law, administration, rural agricultural development, social welfare, education, peacebuilding etc. Participants will understand crucial issues of Japan's development experience and consider its adaptability to other countries.

1 Oct. 6 Introduction
2 Oct. 12 The Role of Japanese Government for Economic Development (Kimura)
3 Oct. 19 Cancelled due to DFW
4 Oct. 26 Development of Japanese Legal System (Kawashima)
5 Nov. 2 Economic Development (Osada)
6 Nov. 9 Education (I) (Yamada)
7 Nov. 16 Education (II) (Yonezawa)
8 Nov. 30 Social Development (I) (Higashimura)
9 Dec. 7 Social Development (II) (Takahashi)
10 Dec. 14 Experiences of Agricultural/Rural development in Japan (I) (Usami)
11 Dec. 21 Experiences of Agricultural/Rural development in Japan (II) (Yoshiaki Nishikawa)
12 Jan. 11 Peacebuilding (I) (Yamagata)
13 Jan. 18 Peacebuilding (II) (Yukiko Nishikawa)
14 Jan. 25 Wrap-up Session


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